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Leo StormFeaturing: Leo StormAdded 03/13/2015
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He's got such a sweet and innocent face. Never trust an innocent face in porn! Leo is a blond, lean, boyish and wicked twink. He's got a surprisingly large and disproportionate uncut cock. And he knows he's got something good between his legs. Leo comes to the office for his audition. He strips down to his underwear, then to nothing. He works up a boner quickly, rubbing his foreskin up and down. He knows how to work a foreskin! His cock grows like crazy and stays rock-hard. The guy loves showing off in front of the camera! The cameraman can't believe how huge and hard Leo's cock is so he grabs a feel. He slaps it down, but it goes right back up. He's impressed! All this showing off gets Leo REALLY turned on! He works his monster slab of meat, muscles tensing, until he shoots his creamy load all the way to his right nipple. Stay around to see Leo play with his own cum!

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Thom BraskiFeaturing: Thom BraskiAdded 03/06/2015
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Dark and handsome, Thom sheds his business suit and oils up his beautiful, natural body as his uncut cock remains semi-soft, giving his cock-head full coverage. His cock gradually stiffens as he rubs the baby oil, exploring every part of his body, becoming more and more aroused as he goes. His dick-head begins poking out from his thick foreskin, remaining mostly covered as the young man rubs down and oils up his legs and furry asshole. When he starts rubbing his hooded meat, it stiffens quickly! He strokes his cock, pulling the 'skin back and forth, rubbing the so-sensitive uncovered head to bring himself right to the edge. He can't take it anymore and he lays back, squirting his load of guy-juice all over his glowing body. He smiles, spent and satisfied!

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Aaron Chambers' Fleshjack FuckFeaturing: Aaron ChambersAdded 02/09/2015
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Aaron is straight and ex-military. He's also never played with a sex toy. He gives a Fleshjack a looking over and thinks it'll feel like a vagina. Boy, he's in for a surprise! First, Aaron strips down and shows off his tight body. He peels away his boxer-briefs and his uncut cock spills out, his foreskin droops long with a puckering tip. So beautiful! Aaron plays with his foreskin, getting himself worked up before trying his first Fleshjack fuck. He fills his foreskin with lube before plunging his cock into the toy's soft hole. His foreskin pulls back and his cock is swallowed into the plastic tube. He breathes hard and his eyes roll back as he pounds the clear toy over his meaty dick with both hands. His furry ballsack tightens. He spreads his legs, revealing his hairy crack. "Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum...!"

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