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Vintage Foreskin: Zarek TytusFeaturing: Zarek TytusAdded 10/17/2014
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Here's one from the vaults! Zarek is a Polish guy who shot this video a week after he graduated college with his Master's degree. Yeah, he's not just hot and built, he's smart! He answered a newspaper classified ad looking for "male physique models." He was surprised to find out he'd be stripping naked and working his uncut cock, but he was young, unemployed and totally game. One of the nicest things about Zarek is his unshaved ass and pubic hair. It's hard to find natural models like this now! I hope I run into Zerek one day to remind him of this video he shot is his youth and to check in on his beautiful foreskinned rod!

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Chris Abbot's First ShootFeaturing: Added 09/25/2014
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Chris has never done a video shoot but he was more turned on than nervous. He's a recent college graduate, so there's a brain underneath those sexy golden curls. But his hot body, furry trails and thick uncut dick will be all you'll be thinking about. Chris reveals why he likes his foreskin, tells us about his exhibitionistic tendencies and his love for men who are his opposite. Then he strips down to his blue briefs (that match his beautiful eyes) before revealing his big, curved uncut cock! His body is youthful and sporty, with natural fur to match his naturally hooded cock. With a big, bashful grin and the raw sexuality of a satyr, Chris he fingers his hole and works his cock. His finger is never far from his furry sphincter and he works his meat into an impressive boner. He laughs as he stretches and strokes his foreskin. He's excited about showing off his dick and foreskin. He lubes the head with his own spit. This sends him into ecstasy. He strokes harder and faster. His eyes roll back in his head as he lets loose and gives up his young spunk. He lets out another shy chuckle, spent and happy he'll be seen and inspire more boners. Chris is all about doing good for his fellow man!

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Damien + Joey: Uncut Romance on the BeachFeaturing: Damien Z, Joey CashAdded 09/17/2014
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Joey and Damien loved the feel of the sun on their naked brown skin. They loved the way their foreskins felt flopping on the ocean waves. They played. They flirted. They really connected. Watch the young, uncut, Latinos have a day they'll never forget. Watch them try to sneak away from the camera to have some time to themselves. Watch them get caught. Then watch young Joey suck Damien's amply hooded cock to completion and get a faceful of his sweet cum. You'll feel like you spent a day at the beach with us. Bring a towel and your boner!

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