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Hunter Starr: Fleshjack + ForeskinFeaturing: Hunter StarrAdded 06/17/2014
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Hunter Starr has SO MUCH foreskin! That and his handsome face and lean, boyish body make him such spank-bait for us foreskin fans. On a beautiful summer day, Hunter sttips does to his American Eagle boxer-briefs for some tanning. But the undies don't last long. This twink is horny! He lets his foreskin free, pulling on his prepuce, extending it inches beyond his hidden dickhead. He loves it and his big cock is quickly hard. Wanting to take the thrill-level up, Hunter grabs his clear foreskin and gives it a major fucking, enjoying the feel of his foreskin piercing the plastic lips of the hungry toy. Hunter is in heaven! He fucks harder and throws his head back. The jizz is loaded and ready in his tight nutsack. He pulls the toy away from his hooded staff and strokes like nothing else matters! His moans and pants, his face contorts, and he shoots! His milky cum covers his tight, tattooed torso. And Hunter smiles and big smile. (Be sure to check out how hung Hunter looks when he's soft coming out of the pool. Fuck me! Uncut cocks looks so hot when they're soft!)

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Zack Randall + Jake Jammer: Sucking + Docking!Featuring: Jake Jammer, Zack RandallAdded 06/10/2014
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Jake Jammer has always wanted to get his hands on Zack Randall's beautiful body and uncut cock. It makes sense. Jake is a rough, tattooed and ex-military. Zack is a college guy with boy-next-door good looks. And they're both hot as fuck! Jake eagerly undresses his fantasy boy and examines Zack's foreskin, getting him really excited. Even though he's uncut himself, Jake gets harda nd horny when he's around another hooded dick. He stretches Zack's prepuce and gives it a sniff, breathing it all in. Jakes own dick grows stiffer and stiffer as he strokes Zack's cock, leaving it completely covered in foreskin. Then the guys get serious. They can't get enough of each other's bodies-- nibbling, docking and slurping. Zack has more foreskin and Jake is envious... and turned on. Zack loves Jake's firm, hairy, tatted body and shows his new buddy his self-sucking skills. Jake is more than happy to lend a helping tongue as both guys suck Zack's big cock. When Zack gives Jake's cock a good sucking, Jake is in heaven! Ho one know how to suck and uncut cock better than another uncut guy. Jake's furry balls tighten in anticipation of his jizz load. Zack smiles wide as Jake erupts. Then Zack rewards his inked pal with a face full of his own man-milk. The guys fall back and laugh, Jake dripping with spooge and happier than he's ever been!

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Tyler Hancock: Fleshjack and ForeskinFeaturing: Tyler HancockAdded 06/03/2014
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Tyler is a university student on vacation. It's hot out and he's on vacation after a long semester and grueling finals so he's enjoying some time in the pool under the Arizona sun. He's staying at a men's resort, clothing optional, but Tyler is a little shy until he sees a very hot guy passing by. The guy notices Tyler and smiles. The uncut cock in Tyler's shorts take notice and begin to swell. His trunks tighten as Tyler's hooded dick hardens. The young man releases his throbbing rod and furry balls. The guy is gone, but his shirtless hotness stays with Tyler. He feels the heat on his cock and from inside his cock. He gets out of the pool, led by the tapering foreskin on his rigid rod. Tyler kicks back outside his bungalow and grabs his favorite toy. His still-stiff staff pierces the eager lips of his Fleshjack. Tyler moans. His cock throbs. He's pounding harder and harder, thinking about the boy he saw poolside. He throws back his head. The boy! The toy! His hard, throbbing, uncut cock! Tyler could blow any second. It feels so fucking good! But he holds back, enjoying the pleasure. He's edging! He fucks his Fleshjack, foreskin fucking in and out, breathing hard and loving every second!

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