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Dean Cocteau's First ShootFeaturing: Dean CocteauAdded 07/31/2014
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He's tall. He's golden-haired and golden-skinned. He's smart. He's lean, toned and tanned. He's so fucking sexy! And he's uncut and eager to show it off! Dean really enjoys his foreskin. He tells us how everyone in his native Ukraine has a hooded cock. And he liked it that way. His own intact member is easily turned on. Even before he takes his clothes off, he's hard, his tapered prick covered with pointy foreskin. Soon silvery pre-cum spills from his foreskin. He laughs as it wells up and drips off his cockhead in a salty, glistening strand. This gets him even more turned on. He sweats and tight muscles catch the light as he strokes his cock. He moans as he sheathes and unsheathes his wet, red cock knob with his slick skin. He can't hold it in any longer. His moans get louder. He sprays a brilliant load of jizz that seems to never end and lands over his shoulder.

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Zack Randall + Tyler Hancock Uncut + HornyFeaturing: Tyler Hancock, Zack RandallAdded 07/17/2014
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Zack and Tyler are close friends. Zack is a handsome jock. Tyler is an emo college-boy. Both have delicious foreskins tipping their beautiful long cocks. The guys start by excitedly stripping each other down and playing with each other's soft foreskins, exploring playfully. They're hard in no time-- docking, stroking stretching and sucking. Zack even shows Tyler his self-sucking skills, taking both foreskins in his mouth. (Yum!) Tyler is dizzy with passion. He cums as they kiss. Zack, head spinning, spills his creamy seed all over Tyler's pubes in a milky mess. The guys are in no rush to clean up. They lick each other's bodies. Zack hungrily laps up the cum and then continues to kiss Tyler long after the cameras are off.

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Damien Z Sucks CockFeaturing: Damien ZAdded 07/11/2014
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Damien Z is a young, lean, tatted and horny Southern California guy and I got the chance to get up close with his long, tapered foreskin! Damien and I had been exchanging messages for a while. They got progressively hotter and hotter and one even included a little video of him jacking and cumming. I wanted this guy bad! I invited Damien over on a Sunday afternoon and we got started right away. I took him into my room and I made him strip down to his underwear. I liked what I saw. But I liked it even better when I pulled the underwear down and saw more foreskin than I've ever seen on a single dick. This boy is an uncut-lover's jackpot! I got his underwear off and ordered him to show off for me, playing with his prepuce and stroking his cock. So much overhang! He got me so worked up that I ordered him to suck my cock. He's a well-behaved horndog and a champion cocksucker. My pre-cum was flowing as I watch Damien stroking, sliding his 'skin while he sucked me like a champ. I he didn't stop I was going to blow! I flipped him over and felt him up all over. (Those balls!) He loved it and he was every bit as turned on as I was. I couldn't help myself. I had to give his cock a taste. Yum! I stuck my whole tongue down his foreskin and nibbled on his overhang. My skills had him purring! I'm jealous that he's half my age and has a bigger cock than mine. And all that foreskin. So I take control and make him suck more. He devours it! Soon, he's on top of me stroking our cocks together. My precum flows into his hood and he likes it. We're both in heaven. I shoot first, a thick, creamy load. He uses my jizz on his cock and explodes seconds later. We're sweating and happy. Fucking great way to spend an afternoon!

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