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Zack Randall: Self-sucking Stunner! Featuring: Zack Randall Added 04/07/2014
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I've waited a long time to get Zack Randall on Fantastic Foreskin. He's one of the last of the real porn stars. At only 28, he's starred in huge porn videos and been voted Freshmen Magazine's Man of the Year. Twice. (The only model to have that honor.) I could go on and on about Zack's resume, but all you have to do is watch the video and check out his hot and horny photos right here. You'll see those piercing eyes, that big cock and all that foreskin! You'll also get to know Zack a bit before he strips off his clothes and reveals his amazing body. All that and some self-sucking is going to have you creaming all over your keyboard. I suggest you lick up your own cum... just like Zack does!

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Sebastian and Tyler: Real-life Lovers Featuring: Sebastian Riverpol Added 03/26/2014
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This is a big one! Sebastian Riverpol is a favorite here on Fantastic Foreskin. People have loved his dark Latino good looks, his meaty uncut cock and his self-sucking skills. Now Sebastian is back and he brought his real-life boyfriend, Tyler Benson. Tyler's all-American hunkiness is a nice contrast to Sebastian. And the guys really have sparks. When these guys are going at it, they forget about the camera and go for it like they do when no one is watching. And it's hot! The guys kiss and undress with the passion of a hook up and the affection of two guys really in love. Once naked, they can't wait to start slurping each other's cocks. Tyler give special attention to his lover's foreskin, sucking, tugging and tonguing! (You are a lucky man, Tyler!) Tyler's foreskin tonguing is a sight to see. He cleans that foreskin like a man on a mission! Sebastian returns the favor, playing with Tyler's skin. (Tyler actually isn't sure if he's cut or uncut. He doesn't have much overhang, but he doesn't need to use lube and has enough for Sebastian to play with. He's curious about his situation, but he can't bring himself to ask his mom!) Tyler throws Sebastian's legs back to play with his man's hole. Sebastian takes the opportunity to take his own cock into his own mouth. (You greedy pig!) Sebastian love the taste of his own foreskin and Tyler loves watching. Soon these guys are jizzing on each others faces, smiling and licking up their man's jizz!

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Boy Toy: Young, Edgy 1st-Timer Featuring: Added 03/15/2014
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The 19-year-old bronze-skinned and blond Latino goes by the name "Boy Toy" and you'll see why! He loves showing off and he's dreamed of doing porn for a long time. He's got a big uncut cock and he's hard and ready. He wants to be your fantasy toy. He also loves his own toys. One he shows off for us is a penis pump. He is gets him horny, hard and huge. He's so turned on that you can see the pre-cum welling up in the pump. And he loves the way it makes his foreskin tingle! Boy starts off by telling us about his road to foreskin pride. At one point he wanted to get his prepuce trimmed, but after hooking up with some guys who love it, there's no way he's ever let it anywhere near a scalpel. Then he strips down as strokes his hooded meat, working the skin that makes him feel so good. He soon attached his penis pump (have you ever seen one of these devices at work? Crazy!) His eyes roll back in his head. He's in so much pleasure! Plump and pumped, Boy gets close to blowing his load. He takes the pump off. The cameraman is so turned on by what he sees that he reaches out and gives Boy's engorged and skin-covered cock a good stroking. Boy loves the touch of an older man apparently, because he's quickly jizzing up a storm all over his black leather sofa. Keep watching or you'll miss Boy Toy playing with has creamy spooge-puddle!

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